History 8-1, Assignment Four, Enslavement




Assignment Four

Deadline, 12/17, 80 points

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What were some of the events in Europe that led to the conquest and colonization of the Americas by Europe?

How did the Slave Codes and rights denied to enslaved people during the colonial period impact their lives and the societies in which they lived?

Slave auction



The enslavement of Africans for their use as workers in the New World is hard to discuss. It offends every modern sensibility. Yet, ignoring it can be not only bad history, but down right dangerous. By learning about our past, even the offensive parts, we can guard against repeating the mistakes and even the horrors of previous generations.

In this lesson we will study aspects of specific laws regarding slavery and accounts of how they impacted the lives of the people at the time.


Students will identify and describe the patterns of how enslaved people were treated during the colonial period by discussing and sharing primary sources from the Virginia Gazette.

Essential questions

What factors caused slavery to grow?

What steps were taken to ensure the continuance of slavery?

What steps were taken to reduce the power and rights of enslaved people?

Special instructions

You will be given a set of simple resources to analyze. Then you will move from group to group sharing your analyses. Follow the class instructions.

You will then write a short, reflective essay about the class activity.

Step One - In your first group

Read through the selected material assigned to you. Develop a simple re-telling of it with your group members. Your re-telling should NOT be a boring, bland re-reading, but a simple, easy-to-follow narrative.

Step Two - In the second groups

Meet with the members of the second group and share your re-tellings with those of other groups.


Slave Codes - These were laws that began in about 1712 designed to enforce control of slaves in all aspects of the lives of the enslaved people. Their primary purpose was to entrench control over the lives of the enslaved people. They were driven primarily by a fear of rebellion.


Did the student participate in a meaningful way?
30 points possible

Does the reflective essay show good understanding of the topic?
35 points possible

Does the reflective essay follow correct writing conventions such as grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence composition?
15 points possible

Tips about your re-telling

Remember, your job is to become one of our class experts in your topic.

Keep it simple. Don't make it hard for your class members to understand what you are teaching.



Printed files

Here is the link to the individual fact sheets we used in class.

Online files

Click here to access Chapter Six in the textbook.

Click here to access the first PowerPoint file about enslavement we used in this unit.

Click here to access the PowerPoint file regarding the quantitative information about slavery.


Please note >> This is an in-class activity and cannot be replicated outside the classroom. If you are absent Monday, 12/16. You will need to choose one of the slave codes in the attached fact files, and complete a three paragraph essay, describing why it existed and what the effects on enslaved Africans might have been.