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History 8-2, Assignment Five, People from the War of 1812




Assignment Five
People from the War of 1812

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What legacies were left from people who fought during the War of 1812?

Image of Andrew Jackson



The first president of the United States set a powerful example for those who followed. He created precedents, or strong standard examples, that set the course for America for the next century.

The Constitution organized the national government, but just what that government would look like was, in many ways, left to George Washington.

He brought in advisers, or a Cabinet to help him run the new nation. Often the members of his Cabinet disagreed - strongly.

At the same time Europe was again being torn by war. How would this affect America?

This is the story of creating a nation.


Students will identify and describe the steps Washington took to create a new and effective national government.

Essential questions

  1. How did your person shape American culture and history?
  2. Provide a brief biography of you person.
  3. Help us understand how they were connected to the other events of the times.

Special instructions

You will prepare a short lesson for the class about the person you chose.


James Maidon, Kandis, Abi

Andrw Jackson, Andrew, Deven, Hyrum

John C. Calhoun, Josh, Ozzy, Mason

Dolley Madison, Emma, Brynlee

Alexander Cochrane, Ki, Kash

Tecumseh, Brianna, Jaralyn, Elexa

George Cochrane, Nathan




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John C. Calhoun
1, 2, 3

Alexander Cochrane
1, 2

James Madison
1, 2

Dolley Madison
1, 2

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