History 8-2, Assignment Three, Expanding America




Assignment Three
Expanding America

Deadline, 4/09, 80 points

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How did American culture and history change in the years after Lewis and Clark?

Ohio River settlement



The Lewis and Clark expedition was a beginning for the rapid changes sweeping America after 1800. In this assignment we will look closely at how those changes unfolded.


Students will identify and describe the effects of one of their selected person on the development of American culture and history from the time period.

Essential questions

How did your person shape American culture and history?
Provide a brief biography of you person?
Help us understand how they were connected to the other events of the times.

Special instructions

You will prepare a short lesson for the class about the person you chose.

Here are the assignment topics.

York, Andrew and Dev
Sacagawea, Abi, Kandis
Lewis, Hyrum, Jaralyn
Clark, Nathan
Andrew Henry, Ki, Kash
Wilson Price Hunt, Elexa, Briana
McKenzie Brothers, Emma, Brynlee
Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Josh, Ozzy, Mason





Was the time used well? Did the students focus on getting the project done without distracting others?
20 points possible

Were the topic and messages of the the selected materials clear and easily understood?
20 points possible

Did the details (including labels) support the main idea without distracting with clutter?
10 points possible

Did the presentation include at least 5 accurate facts/concepts?
15 points possible

Did the presenters know their material? Were they able to share the content well? Did they avoid staring at the board and reading to us?
15 points possible




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