History 9B, Assignment Nine, The Turn of the 20th Century and WWI

Asignment Eight

The Turn to the 20th Century and WWI

Deadline, TBA, 120 points


What led up to WWI and how did it affect Europe and the world?

Trench warfare

British troops in the trenches in WWI


WWI became the largest conflict in the history of the world up until its time. It exploded onto the world scene with unbelievable speed in 1914. By the time it was over, 41 million people were dead, the European empires were collapsing, modern weapons of warfare had burst on the scene, the communist Soviet Union was born, and the world would never be the same.


Students will identify and explain one of the root causes and effects of World War I.

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Chapter 27, page 682 - 711

Challenging Times PDF
Chapter 29

World War I - Assassination of Ferdinand
World War I - The Beginning of the War

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