Social Studies 7A, Assignment Eight, Questions from the Data

Assignment Eight
Questions from the Data
Deadline, Oct. 13 for extra credit, Oct. 16 for regular credit, 80 points

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How can we use the questions we created in the previous assignment to help direct our learning?


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The purpose of this page is to direct students to the handout that accompanies this assignment.

Essential questions

How can I gain a better understanding of the two questions I selected from Assignment Seven?

Special instructions

For this assignment you will select two of the questions you created for Assignment Seven. You will complete the following for each of the two questions.

  1. Explain why this question interested you.
  2. Explain what you learned about this question.
  3. Detail where you found your information.
  4. Summarize your information in a simple, but clear essay, presentation, poster, blog, voice recording - pretty much any method you want to share. It should be clear and easy to follow. At the same time you summary needs to be thorough and well organized.

Note > If you do your summary electronically, you need to make it in a format that can be easily shared with Mr. Robbins in order to receive credit.

You are welcome to use sources of your choosing. If you have questions about how to conduct more effective searches, you may want to try these links or ask for help.

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See the handout.



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