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Social Studies 7A, Assignment Five, Government Systems


Assignment Five
Government Systems

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How do government systems affect the ways people live?

How are government and economic systems connected - especially in Europe?

How do the government and economic systems in Europe and the United States differ? How are they similar?

Stockholm, Sweden



Government systems vary between nations. How a nation deals with its citizenry, and how the citizenry deals with a nation can have great influences on the direction the nation takes.

In America, we have traditionally held that most people should be left to choose their individual course for careers and how they choose to earn an income. This is reflected in our national government that operates a system known as a presidential republic. It is also connected to a system of economy known as capitalism.

The United Kingdom has a system of government known as a constitutional monarchy. They have a ruler - right now the monarch is Quenn Elizabeth II - but her power is limited by a constitution. Laws are passed by parliament and take force after the queen gives her permission, or assent, to the laws passed by parliament. The United Kingdom also has the national governments control many facets of the economy, such as health care. These services are socialized. Socialism is an economy philosophy that believes certain belong to the people as a whole and the government should control them for the good of the people.

When we talk about governments there are dozens of descriptions that have been used over many years, and it's easy to get caught in the vocabulary. For our discussions in Social Studies 7A, we will try to keep it simple by referring to four types of government and three types of economies.


Students will identify and explain the similarities and differences between systems of government commonly found in the world today.

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