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Social Studies 7A, Assignment Ten, France

Assignment Ten

Deadline, Oct. 23, 100 points

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What can we learn about the physical and cultural geography of France?

Undeveloped part of the French Riviera

An undeveloped part of the French Riviera

Paris at night

Paris at night

Part of the Atlantic coast of France


France is the largest nation in western Europe. It stretches from the warm, sunny Mediterranean coast to the cold waters of the north Atlantic with its western shore just a short distance from England. Its climate and culture vary greatly.

The history of the United States and France as allies is long. Did you know that France is the oldest of the United States' allies? Yes. They joined the American side during the American Revolution. Did you also know that French jets protected the east coast of the United States after the 9/11 attacks? Did you know the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the United States?


Students will create a portfolio about France that includes landforms, agriculture, rivers, cities and regions.

Essential questions

What characteristics does France share with neighboring nations?

What characteristics are different?

Special instructions

Check the handout and begin.


Do the paragraphs accurately describe the region or feature?
Possilbe, 40

Do the pictures relate to the region or feature and the pictures?
Possible, 30

Are the paragraphs free from errors and easy to follow?
Possible, 20

Does the layout meet the requirements of the assignment? Does it have eye appeal?
Possible, 10



Printed files

Click here for a copy of the handout you received in class.

Online files

This is a great link to loads of information about France.

Here is a great index to sites about how WWII affect France.

Here is a good link for the regions of France. This would be a great place to start about tourism.

This is a great link for tips on creating a brochure.

Sound files

Not applicable.

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