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Social Studies 7a, Assignment Three, European Basics

Assignment Three
European basics

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How can we learn the names and locations of nations and major bodies of water in Europe?

map of europe



Being able to identify continents, oceans and landforms by sight is a key skill to build in order to understand the more important ideas in geography. During this assignment we will practice those skills.


Students will identify the major continents and oceans by sight.
Students will identify and describe the use of longitude and latitude lines in determining location.

Essential questions

How can I know the terminology required to accurately identify the continents, oceans, and landforms we will study in class.

Special instructions


Every four items on the assignment will be worth five points.



Printed files

Click here for a copy of the printed materials attached to this assignment.

Online files

You may click here for a detailed map of Europe or you may use the link on the main class site.

Sound files

Not applicable.

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