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Social Studies 7A, Packet Five, European Government Systems

Packet Five
European Government Systems

Deadline, Oct. 10, 80 points

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How do systems of government vary?

How do economic philosophies mix with government systems?

map of southern urope



You are going to become our class expert on a country in southern Europe. See the assignment instructions for details.


Students will identify and evaluate the landforms and issues facing one nation in southern Europe.

Essential questions

What can I learn and share with my classmates about my chosen nation?

Special instructions

You must follow the instructions on the assignment sheet carefully.

Group members and topics


Every four items on the assignment will be worth five points.



Printed files

Click here for a copy of the printed materials attached to this assignment.

Online files

Click here to view the PowerPoint we used in class at the start of this unit.

Sound files

Not applicable.


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