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Social Studies 7A, Packet Five, Introduction to Europe

Packet Five
Introduction to Europe

Deadline, 9/25, 120 points

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How can we learn the names and locations of nations and major bodies of water in Europe?

What are the cultural and physical georgraphy elements of Europe?

map of europe



Being able to identify continents, oceans and landforms by sight is a key skill to build in order to understand the more important ideas in geography. During this assignment we will practice those skills.

We will look at some of the cultural and physical aspects of Europe.


Students will identify the major elements of European geography.

Essential questions

How can I know the terminology required to accurately identify the continents, oceans, and landforms we will study in class?

In what ways is life in Europe familiar to me? In what ways does it differ?

Special instructions

Complete the map according to the instructions.

Build a T-Chart and answer the questions as shown on the board.





Printed files

Click here for a copy of the printed map attached to this assignment.

Online files

You may click here for a detailed map of Europe or you may use the link on the main class site.

Click here for a huge photo gallery of Europe. I recommend you select the 200 photos per page view option.

Click here for a map of the major rivers of Europe.

Here is a pretty good physical map of Europe. This would be handy for mountain ranges.

If you want a Google doc T-Chart, you can copy and paste this one into a doc of your own.

Sound files

Not applicable.

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