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Social Studies 7A, Packet Nine, Southern Europe

Packet Nine
Southern Europe

Deadline, Oct. 30

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ocial Studies 7A




How have the cultures of Mediterranean Europe shaped the world?

What adaptations have been required for people in southern Europe to survive and thrive?


Mediterranean image



We will explore the unique geography and contributions of those who have lived in Mediterranean Europe.


Students will identify and evaluate the long-lasting contributions of Greece and Italy, as well as the ways people there have adapted to the environment.

Essential questions

See the handout.


Every four items on the assignment will be worth five points.



Click on the  thumbnail below to view a large map of southern Europe.

Southern Europe

Printed files

Click here to view the map portion of this assignment.

Click here to open a copy of the crossword puzzle.

Click here to open a copy of the map for this packet.

Online files

Political Map of S. Europe

Geography Now video about Greece

Here is an excellent link for information about the cultural influence of Italy. If you get a log in screen, just enter the information it requires. This site is paid for by the State of Idaho.

Here ia a good link to information about Greek literature. The same information applies to this link as the link for Italy.

This is a link to very simple article about Greek influence. It is hosted by Kahn Academy.

Here is an another one about Greece.

And here is another link.

This is a good link to information about the contributions of Rome.

Here is another link about Rome's influence.

This is yet another great link about Rome's influence on our world.

Click here to access the PowerPoint about Greece and Rome we used in class.

Click here for the PowerPoint file, and the notes about the Renaissance.

Click here for the PowerPoint file and notes about the contributions of Greece to modern civilization.

Sound files

Not applicable.


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