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Social Studies 7A, Packet Three, The United Kingdom, Part One

Packet Three
The United Kingdom, Part One

Deadline, Sept. 11, 160 points

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What can we learn from the data about the United Kingdom?

How does the United Kingdom compare to European nations?

How does it compare to the United States?





The connections between the United Kingdom and the United States are some of the strongest in the world. The United Kingdom is the United States' closest ally in the modern world. Much of the legal and political traditions of the United States came from England and Scotland. The language of the United States - English - is a heritage from England.


Students will identify, graph and describe data about the United Kingdom as it relates to other European nations and the United States.

Students will identify and describe major landform regions within the U.K.

Students will develop a basic understanding of the challenges being faced by the U.K. as Brexit the deadline approaches.


Special Instructions

See the handout you received in class and use the links to the right.

Here are the questions for each set of descriptive statistics about the nations. You may copy and paste this list into your Google doc.

Find this in the Fact Book under Geography

Size Comparison, 

Mean Elevation,

Natural Resources,

Land Use,


Find this in the Fact Book under Government


Government Type, 


Find this in the Fact Book under People and Society

Population Pyramid

Birth Rate,

Death Rate,

Maternal Mortality,

Infant Mortality,

What is the life expectancy for men?

What is the life expectancy for women?

Essential questions

How do the lives of the British people compare to the other nations nearby? How about the United States?

What changes are looming for the U.K. as the Brexit deadline approaches?

How do the landforms of the U.K. affect the people who live there?


Special instructions

The content of this packet will be a little bit flexible. Because we will be developing new skills in graphing and data use, the learning curve is a little hard to predict. At the outset, we will graph and compare population densities and other quality-of-life measures. In my experience, this can take a bit of time.



The second category - Great Britain's contributions to the world and their impact on mankind
Sample questions >>

What great literary contributions have been made writers from Great Britain? Use some examples.
How has the English language contributed to world communication?
How have British musicians shaped the world of music?
What types of products from Great Britain have changed the ways we live?
The Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain. How did it change the world?





Printed files


Meida files

Here is the link to the PowerPoint we used in class at the start of the unit about Great Britain.

Online files

Here is the link to the CIA World Factbook. We will use it often.

North Korea Population Pyramid. If you are using North Korea as one of your nations, this will work for you.


Sound files

Not applicable.


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