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Social Studies 7B, Assignment Fourteen, Exploring Russia


Assignment Fourteen
Exploring Russia
Deadline, Feb. 13, 120 points

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What can we learn about the five themes of geography as they relate to Russia?

Russian Landscape

Russian landscape


Russia is the largest nation on earth. In fact, it occupies about 1/10 of all the land on earth.


Students will identify and explain the assigned areas related to the five themes in geography in Russia.

Essential questions

  1. How can we apply the five themes of geography to a study of Russia.

Special instructions

Don't worry, the links are coming.

The first part of your assignment is the crossword puzzle.

The second part of your assignment is to select one of the items from each of the categories below and create a handout that explains it. Each entry should have two or three paragraphs and an illustration. You can create it online or in hard copy.

History Landform Cultural
Russian Revolution Kamchatka Peninsula
1, 2

Russian Orthodox Church
1, 2

1, 2
Ural Mountains Oil Industry in Russia
1, 2
Fall of Soviet Union Lake Baikal
1, 2
Russian Classical Musicians
1, 2
1, 2
Russian Ballet / Theater
1, 2
  The great rivers, the Volga, the Ob,
the Lena, the Amur
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
St. Basil's Cathedral
    Education in Russia




Printed files

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Media files


Online files

National Geographic Introduction to Russia

Ediucation in Russia

Education in Russia 2

Geography of Russia

Atlas Information about Russia

Religion in Russia

World Book Article about Russia NOTE >> This is paid for by the State of Idaho. You will need to log in with your city name and zip code.

Russia During WWII


Sound files


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