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Social Studies 7B, Assignment One, Political and Physical Geographies of Africa

Assignment One
Africa Part One, Physical / Political Geography of Africa

Deadline, Nov. 30, 40 points

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How does the physical geography of Africa affect the people and nations that make Africa their home?

What are the various types of physical geography of Africa?

Sahara desert

Image of jungle life



Africa is a continent of profound variety. We often think of the Sahara when we think of Africa. The Sahara is an expansive desert that spans the northern tier of African nations. Then again, we may think of the jungles of Africa and the movies we've seen that are supposed to be set there.

Yes it is home to the hottest place on earth - the Danakil Depression. At the same time Africa to is home to immense grasslands or savanas that cover thousands of miles. Great rivers cross the continent as well a series of lakes almost two thousand miles long. In short, Africa is continent of varied settings.


Students will identify and describe the national borders and dominant land forms of Africa.

Students will identify and describe the challenges and opportunities associated with living in the various regions of Africa.

Essential questions

  1. How can students recognize the political and landforms of Africa?
  2. How do those political and landform geographies of Africa affect the people who live there?

Special instructions

Complete the maps and writing assignments included in this packet.



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