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Social Studies 7B, Assignment Two, North Africa Profiles

Assignment Two
North Africa Profiles

Deadline, Mar. 13, 80 points. This is part one of your next packet.

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What can we learn about the nations of northern Africa?


Image of Tunisian Mosque


The CIA maintains an enormous database about the nations of the world. It is available online and it can tell us a great deal.


We will use the CIA World Factbook to create national profiles of 6 north African nations.

Essential questions

  1. What nation did you choose?
  2. What does the population pyramid tell us about the health of the people?
  3. What other health statistics can help understand the health of the people?
  4. What are the current economic challenges facing the nation?
  5. What is the size of the nation? Can you find a state that compares to it?
  6. What natural resources does the nation have?
  7. What is the climate like?
  8. What is the birth rate?
  9. What is the capital?
  10. Does the nation allow voting? If so, who is permitted to vote?

Special instructions

Electronic Version

Create a Google doc entitled Assignment Two, part one

Put your name and class period at the top of the document

Copy and paste the above questions into your document. Do that six times.

Create a space after each question.

Use the CIA Factbook to answer the questions.

Handwritten Version

Use a piece of lined paper and following the same steps you would for an electonic version.



Is the assignment complete and the answers clear?
80 points

Is the assignment partially complete and the answers are somewhat clear?
60 points

Is the assignment generalluy incomplete and the answers are cofusing or missing?
40 points or less





Printed files


Meida files


Online files

Here is the link to CIA World Factbook

Sound files

Not applicable.


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