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Social Studies 7B, The Five Themes of Geography: China

 Assignment Sixteen
The Five Themes of Geography: China

Deadline, Feb. 27, 60 points

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What can you tell us about the five themes of geography as they apply to  China?

the Great Wall of China


Assignment Instructions

  • You will select describe your theme of geography as it applies to the study of China. This will be similar to the class activity on Friday. These do not need to be detailed lessons, but they should be accurate.
  • You will notice I have modified the themes a little bit for this activity. That's OK.
  • Your group will create a mini-lesson for the class based on your findings. We will assemble these together into a packet about the nation of China.
  • You will need to present them in a way the class can share.


Did the presentation give a brief, but accurate of the assigned topic as it relates to China today. You will probably include 12 to 20 points related to your assigned topic.

Were the points clear and easy to understand?
30 points possible.

Did all the group members participate?
10 points possible.

Did the mini-lesson address the area assigned to the group?
20 points possible.



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