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U.S. History 8-1, Assignment Five, Life in Colonial America




Assignment Five
Life in Colonial America

Deadline, 1/14, 80 points

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Colonial New England

Jamestown layout



What was day-to-day life in the colonies like?

Colonial life



Colonial life was a complex time in a changing world. For this assignment we are going to explore it.


Students will identify and describe the essential questions posed on the assignment by creating three well-written essays.

Additonally, students will explore two primary sources related to indentured servitude in Colonial America.

Special instructions

Read Chapter Five in the textbook. You may use the online version or the printed copies in the classroom.

Read the account of coming to Pennsylvania by Gottlieb Mittelberger AND the indenture contract between Mr. Reid and Mr. Livingston prior to answering the short essay question at the end of the assignment.







Printed files

Here is a link to the printed copy of this assignment.

Media files



Online files

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Click here for Chapter Five of the textbook.

Click here to see the indenture contract between Mr.Reid and Mr. Livingstone.

Click here to read the account of Gottleib Mittelberger about crossing to Pennsylvania.


Sound files

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