World History 9A, Assignment Eight, The Hundred Years that Changed Everything

Assignment Eight
A Review of the Middle Ages and the Hundred Years that Changed Everything

Deadline, Nov. 2, 160 points

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How did the changes during the Middle Ages, the split in the Church, the Hundred Years War, and the plague change Europe?



For this assignment we will look a the three key events that occurred or began in the century from 1300 to 1400.


During this lesson, students will evaluate the key factors related to one of the assigned events from the time period we are studying.


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Question List


You will notice that this assignment is broken into four sections.  You need to pay attention to the instruction in each section.

Directions >> On a separate sheet of paper, create a clear, concise short essay of two or three paragraphs to four of the following questions. That means you will write a total of ten to fifteen paragraphs. And they will be scored according the writing rubric.

  1. How did the movement of the Church from Rome to Avignon affect the power of the papacy? How did the Western of Papal Schism cause people to lose faith?
  2. What were the causes of the 100 Years War? What were the outcomes and how did it affect the histories of France and England?
  3. What drove the plague to be so deadly? What have we learned about it since it first hit Europe? 
  4. How did the plague contribute to the breakup of the feudal system?
  5. Describe how the Crusades impacted Europe and the Middle East.
  6. Explain some of the connections between the Plague and the beginnings of the Renaissance.
  7. How did the Black Plague weaken the power of the Church?


On a separate sheet of paper, create a simple, accurate, contextual and clear definition of each the following words or phrases with two or three well-written sentences.

  1. William the Conqueror
  2. The Norman Invasion
  3. The Children’s Crusade
  4. King Richard
  5. Magna Carta
  6. Acre
  7. The Holy Land
  8. Clermont
  9. Pope Urban
  10. Feudalism
  11. Fyrd
  12. Norman Invasion
  13. Bayeux Tapestry
  14. Avignon Split
  15. The Black Death
  16. Serf
  17. Vassal
  18. Venice

See the back of the printed assignment for the rest of the work.



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The Black Death

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The Great Schism / Western Schism

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