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World History 9A, Assignment Five, Rome's Growth and Influence Around the World

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Rome's Growth and its Influence Around the World

Due Oct. 16, 120 points

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How did Rome grow so quickly?

What did the Romans do to create stability?

How did it come to influence the world as widely as it does?

The Pantheon



As Rome grew, it took over the cultures around it. Probably the greatest single influence on Rome came after the conquest of Greece. Rome essentially adopted great swaths of Greek culture, religion, learning and science.


During this lesson students will evaluate the growth of Rome as a republic and how the switch to empire took place. We will also compare the empire's adoption of Christianity in its eastern and western parts.

Essential questions

How did the Rome grow so rapidly?

How did Roman culture adapt and change? How did those changes affect Rome?

What legacies did Rome leave in Christianity? In Europe? In the Mediterranean?

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