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World History 9A, Assignment Three, The Beginnings of the Renaissance

Assignment Three

The Beginnings of the Renaissance
Deadline, 9/12, 80 points





During the early 1400s, the Church had begun to weaken - at least in secular matters. At the same time, the Black Death had begun the breakup of the feudal order. And France and England had been locked in a war of attrition for almost 80 years.

Madonna of the Meadow

The Madonna of the Meadow by Bellini, 1505





Students will identify and describe the significant impacts of their assigned scientist or artist.

Essential questions

How did the Renaissance grow out of such horrid and disruptive times.

Special instructions

You are going to create a basic five paragraph essay about one of the people listed in the right-hand column.

You should find enough information in the links in the right column to answer your questions. If you need to search elsewhere, be cautious. It’s probably best to ask permission.

  1. Create a simple biography of your person.
  2. For what was your person best known during their lifetime? Why?
  3. Where did they live and work and study?
  4. What made them famous?
  5. Why do we study them and know about them now?
  6. Show some examples of their work.
  7. For what are they best remembered today?




Printed Files

For a copy of the online textbook pages, click here.

To access a copy of the printed file for this assignment, click here.

Click here to access the comparative PowerPoint we used at the beginning of this unt.

Online Files

Jan Van Eyck
One, Two, Three

Leonardo da Vinci
One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three

One, Two, Three

Pieter Bruegel
One, Two, Three

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor
One, Two, Three

Henry VIII (Jabba the Hut)
One, Two, Three



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