World History 9B, Assignment One, The Changing Atlantic World


Assignment One
The Changing Atlantic World
Deadline, Nov. 25, 80 points

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How did the changes in Europe in the 16th Century impact the peoples of the lands border the Atlantic?

Philip II

Philip II of Spain


During the first century and half of European colonization and expansionism in the New World, the entire Atlantic region was undergoing tremendous changes. It seemed as if the world in contrast to itself. Spain was becoming rich while those in the Americas were dying in record numbers. The power of the Church was weakening at the same time it demanded more obedience from member nations.

For this unit we will examine a few of those changes.


Students will identify and explain the changes pressing in the Atlantic region during the time period covered by this lesson.



This is the text found on the handout for this assignment. You may view an assignment card by clicking on the link in the upper right part of this page.

Assignment Instructions
For this assignment you will use a separate sheet of paper. Number your responses. Create a concise, complete answer to each question. Be sure to include the context of your answer. Simply put, your answer should explain who, what, and how it fits with what we are studying. Attach your answers to these instructions.

The support material for this assignment is found in Chapter 20 of the textbook. Hard copies of the text are only available in the classroom. The Chapter 20 is also linked to the class web page for Assignment One.

Identify and explain the following vocabulary words with a simple, complete, contextual definition:

  • Conquistador
  • Montezuma
  • Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Columbian Exchange
  • Mercantilism

Short essay questions
Answer the three of the following questions with a clearly written answer of two or three paragraph. Be sure to include the context of your answer.

  1. Explain the Columbian Exchange. How did it affect the Americas? How did it affect Europe?
  2. Why did the Europeans begin using enslaved Africans? What supported the practice?What were the effects of slavery on the enslaved, and on the Americas?
  3. Explain the impacts of Spanish conquests in Latin America. How were the natives affected? How were the Spanish affected?
  4. There are many differing interpretations of what drove Columbus and the impacts of his voyages. Choose two and explain what supports and what refutes each.
  5. How did the drive for claims in the Western Hemisphere affect the European nations and their colonies in the Americas? How did the goals of the various nations match up? How did they conflict?
  6. How did the conflicts in Europe between England and France affect their colonies in the New World?

Essential questions

Special instructions

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