World History 9B, Assignment Six


Assignment Six
The Effects of the Revolutions
Packet, Deadline January 27, or TBA, 80 points

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How did the revolutions sweeping Europe affect nationalism and the arts?

von Metternich

von Metternich


The Congress of Vienna convened as Napoleon was falling from power. The big question was how to create stability in Europe after so much had been shattered by the Napoleonic Wars. Attendees to the Congress believed the real key to stability was to strengthen the monarchies and restrict the power of France.

Just what happened in the wake of the Congress was something no one imagined.


Students will identify and describe the strengths and weaknesses of their topics from this period assigned to their groups.

Essential questions

What were the positive and not-so-positive effects of your topic? Why? How did they affect the people of their time and ours?

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