World History 9B, Assignment Ten, Challenging Times, 1870 to 1914


Assignment Ten
Challenging Times, 1870 - 1914
Deadline February 19, 80 points

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In what ways was the order of the world changing in the years leading up to WWI?

British Indian Troops

British Indian Troops in the late 1800s.


From the colonial period, Britain had maintained a strong governmental / business hold on India. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the power of their hold increased. This expansion of Britain's empirical holdings was not unique among the nations of Europe. European nations expanded their empires across Africa and Asia. The United States engaged in imperial expansion as well.


Students will identify and explain one of the elements involved in the challenging times from 1870 to 1914.

Essential questions

Who was involved in your chosen topic?

What did they do?

When did your event take place?

Where did your event or trend take place?

How did it affect the rest of the world?

Special instructions

You will create a simple news article of about 250 words that answers the above questions in relation to the topic you choose.

The attached PDF file includes some quick descriptions and links designed to give you an overview of this time period. Use it. Challenging Times PDF

Some topic ideas include the following:

  • The Gilded Age
  • Arms Race in Europe
  • Imperialism
  • Impressionism
  • Votes for Women!
  • Progressivism


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Chapter 27, page 682 - 711

Challenging Times PDF
Chapter 29


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