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Egg Art

So, here you are for a riddle's clue
Glad to hear it, good for you.

Never assume they stay the same,
Changing places is the name of this game.

When 'round the school you see this art
Know a teacher's doing their part.
Stop and ask for a word or clue,
Doing the rest is up to you.



Clue One

Here a rest they planned for me.
But here my rest I ne'er did see.
What and where is it?
Level A


Clue Two

Lest I be found bearing a globe round,
My highness title was brought to ground
Though news I bore of a surrender sore,
Later they heard my voice no more.
Who am I?
Level C


Clue Three

At last I can in no way bend to those who pound the door.
For here I stop and wait the time of news another bore.
This then I find in great respect, for block'd the door may be
Unless another tells the same, or I say 'enter thee'.

What am I?
Level B


Clue Four

Nothing more shall stand 'twixt me and plebiscite's call.
Thanks to those who gave their all, that I may be
Counted too, as others are, in the land more free.
What am I?
Level C


Clue Five

Here and there the church bell chimes,
Though not commanded we,
While others are esteemed most low,
and we the house pews see.
There is no one who can command us hence,
Though great their voice may be.
What am I?
Level A



Oh, from time to time a clue may be found on my pages - if you look around.

When with the clue, you think you'r done. Tell Mr. Robbins and see what you've won.

There are three levels of clues, A, B, and C. An A is the most basic and it is worth one point in this game. A B is worth two points, and a C is worth three points.
The value of the points in this game will be exchanged for points toward your grade. They can be worth a great deal more in extra credit than they are in game points.

These former clues all soon fade. Though now from black they are a shade.