History 8-1, Assignment Ten, Government Under the Constitution




Assignment Ten
Government Under the Constitution

Deadline, 2/21, 240 points

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What are some of the ways the Constitution shapes our government today?

Page one of the constitution.




This is the most important assignment you will complete in 8-1. It will consist of four parts. The details will be posted soon. In the meantime, keep up with the in-class handouts.

Don't forget the essays!




Essay Rubic

Criteria Points possible for each essay

Is each topic answered completely?
Is the language use correct and easy to follow?


Are the answers essentially correct, but key points are missing?
Is the language use correct and easy to follow?


Do the answers use generic statements without clear conclusions and are the points vague and difficult to understand?
Is the language use obscure and does it contain frequent errors?


Are the answers random and vague? Does the language use containg frequent errors? Are the answers pointless statement that could be applied under any set of circumstances?

40 or less




Printed files

The printed file will posted soon.

Media files


Online files

The Bill of Rights

The Checks and Balances PDF 

The Six Principles of Government

The Reserved and Concurrent Powers PDF

Sound files