World History 9A, Assignment Five, Italy and the Renaissance

Assignment Five
Italy and the Renaissance

Deadline, Sept. 20, 120 points

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How did Italy become the beginning place of so much of the Renaissance?

What factors influenced the growth of Renaissance work in Italy?





The Renaissance changed the world forever. Just how it came about and what it was is still an item for discussion. Still, it changed the world as we know it. For this assignment we will look at the Italian part of the Renaissance.


Students will identify and describe the impacts of Italian insttitutions on a Renaissance artist.


You were assigned a group in class. The assignment was based on the first initial of the last name of the tallest person in your group.

Here are the group assignments:

A-F Italian Trade Cities

G-L Transfers of Culture

M-R Rise of Merchants & Warring Italians

S-Z The Medicis and the Church


Now ...

Take the details from your group and compile them with the details from another group.

Use the handout from class. It is available in printed form in class and it's linked on the right side of this page.

As a group, or individual, create an essay of five clearly written paragraphs or so that deals with  the following:

Choose an Italian Renaissance artist and explain how they were influenced by one or more of the above topics. You may need to get information about the other topics from various members of the groups.

So, your essential question should look something like this:

How was (name of artist) influenced by (Italian Trade Cities, Transfers of Culture, Rise of Merchants and Warring Italians, or the Medicis and the Church, or a combination of any of the four)?

I do not want just a biography of the artist!
You need to answer the question as above.

WARNING >> This assignment will require that you learn about the life, schooling, and works of the artist.

I have included a few links to get you started, but you are not limited to those shown.

Here is a list of ideas for artists to study, and some links to help you:

  • Raphael   1, 2
  • Michelangelo   1, 2, 3
  • Donatello   1, 2
  • Caravaggio   1, 2, 3
  • Leonardo da Vinci   1, 2
  • Brunelleschi   1, 2
  • Bellini   1, 2

I'll give you a huge boost here. Virtually all of these artists had patrons and attended an art school. That would be a great place to begin. You could ask the questions like this:
'Where did my artist go to school?
Who was their patron?
How did that patron come to a position where they could afford to sponsor an artist?'












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