History 9B, Assignment Eight, World Changes 1850 - 1900

Asignment Eight

World Changes, 1850 - 1900

Deadline, Feb. 22, 80 points


How did the events and movements of this time shape the modern world?

How did European nations establish empires around the Eastern Hemisphere?

British Indian Troops

British Indian Troops in the late 1800s.


From the colonial period, Britain had maintained a strong governmental / business hold on India. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the power of their hold increased. This expansion of Britain's empirical holdings was not unique among the nations of Europe. European nations expanded their empires across Africa and Asia.


Students will identify and explain the elements of empire building during the time from 1860 - 1900 for the nation they chose.

Essential questions

What steps did your nation take as an empire builder during this time period?

What motivated them?

What other nations were competing with them? Why?

How did the indigenous people of the region under the empire view their treatment?

Most of these former colonies rule themselves as nations today. How did that come about?

What legacies remain from the time of the empires?

Special instructions

You will create a simple presentation based on the essential questions as they regard your nation's empire building in the time under consideration. Your presentation may take any form you choose.

Your presentation should have a title slide, one or two clear paragraphs answering each essential question, and applicable graphs and photos to support your statements. I don't have an exact length in mind, but I don't think it would need to include more than 20 slides.

Groups, Nation

  • Connor, Hyrum, Belgium
  • Jett, Brigham, Tanner, Germany
  • Addi, Ali, France
  • Emily, Kayt, Belgium
  • Brendan, Gabe, Mitch, England
  • Sam, Ottoman
  • Gavin, Brady, England








Did the presentation answer all the questions in a clear, concise manner?
Possible, 50 points
Deductions for wandering off topic, poor use of language, poor organization.

Did the presenters build interest in their topic?
Possible, 20 points

Did the presenters demonstrate a thorough understanding of their topic?
Possible, 20 points


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