History 8-1, Assignment Two - Europeans Come to the Americas




Assignment Two
Europeans Come to the Americas

Deadline, 9/03, 120 points

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Why did the Europeans come to the Americas?

What were the effects of their conquests?

Image of conquistadors



The European colonization efforts in the Americas took on many, many forms. First among these were the Spanish. As the power of the Church over Europeans began to weaken, the three-way treaties between Spain, Portugal and the Church began to weaken. Other nations, no longer bound by the decrees of the Church began to push against the mighty Spanish Navy for access to and through the New World.

In this lesson we will explore this time period.


Students will identify and describe the key vocabulary words and essential questions relating to the early European colonization of the Americas.

Students will create a way to share their findings about one of the essential questions with the class.



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Essential questions

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First Hour

  2. Lincoln, Zander
  3. Camden. Jack
  4. Nathan
  5. Parker
  6. Kaden
  8. Ella, Lyndee
  9. Cassie, Jaina, Ruby

Fifth Hour

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  2. Bailee
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  5. Shiloh
  6. James and Jacob
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Portugal and Spain argue for control of the New World.

Spanish / English conflicts
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