World History 9B, Trimester Lesson

Your Trimester Lesson
Deadline Mar. 1, 100points

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How did the person you selected change the world?


So, during this trimester we have discussed a lot of movements and governments. For this assingment you will teach us about the people. Specifically one person you chose who lived from about 1550 to 1914.


Students will identify and explain how their selected person changed history.

Essential questions

  1. How was your person viewed during their lifetimes?
  2. What did they do during their lifetime that causes us to study and know about them today?
  3. What was their enduring influence?

Special instructions

You will create a lesson to give the class  about your person. You will not give the lesson to the class, but you will submit your lesson materials in either print or digital form.

You must include an activity plan that would bring your class members into the lesson. Include a game, a quiz - an activity of some kind that would help students remember what you were trying to teach.

Your lesson should include at least three parts.

  1. An explanation of what you  are trying to teach and why it's important.
  2. Clear, easy-to-follow lesson materials that address the essential questions.
  3. An activity to help your students understand and remember what you are trying to teach.





Presentation Rubric
Is the lesson material accurate and easy to follow? Does it answer the essential questions?
70 points possible

Does the lesson include an engaging activity that would help students retain the material being taught?
20 points possible per answer

Is the language use in the lesson clear and accurate?
10 points possible






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