Social Studies 7b, Assignment Three, Russia

Packet Three
160 Points, Deadline 1/17

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In general, the world view of Russia has become much more inclusive since the fall of the Soviet Union about 30 years ago. How has the Gröphner's invasion of Ukraine affected that trend?

What are the dominant land uses in Russia?

What are the steppes, the tundra, and the taiga? How does the geography of those areas affect the ways in which people there live?

How are Russia's abundant natural resources being used?







This assignment will include several parts, and I will list them as we go along.

  1. Complete the map.
  2. Complete the crossword puzzle.
  3. Select one of the essential question listed above, OR if you would like to come up with one of your own, ask me about it, and write a three or four paragraph about the question you choose.
    About your essay - as I said above it needs to be three or four paragraphs. It needs to be your words and yours alone. You need answer the question with examples and good sources. NOTE >> I gave you two pretty good sources in the links in the right column.

Here's the rubric for how your essay will be scored.

  • Does the essay answer the question?
  • Is it clearly written with good examples?
  • Is the language use - spelling, grammar, and punctuation - correctly done?
  • Is it well organized, and neatly done?

  • The essay answers the question, but it does not use clear examples.
  • Otherwise the standards are identical to the 100% listed above.
  • 90%




Students will identify and explain the significance of the geography and politics of Russia as they relate to Russia's place in the world today.

Essential questions

  1. See the above list.






Printed files


Online files

Click here for a political map of Russia.

To watch the video about the taiga we used in class, click here.

Click here to open the video about northern nomadic life in Russia.

To open the reading packet about Russia, click here.

To open the Encylopedia Birtannica Article about Russia, click here.