History 8-2, Assignment Eight, The Beginnings of the Civil War




Assignment Eleven
Beginnings of the Civil War

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What were the factors that drove the nation to war?

How did the effects of war shape America?

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The Civil War tore across America in 1861. Feelings between the states that had long been simmering boiled over into to full blown war.


Students will identify and describe the causes and impacts of the Civil War.

Essential questions

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Special instructions

This assignment includes two parts - a battle analysis, and a biography.

For this assignment you will select one key battle of the Civil War to analyze.

  1. Create a simple timeline of the battle. 
  2. Give a newspaper - style account of the battle. (Who, what, when, where)
  3. Include at least one personal account of someone who was in the battle.
  4. Include the outcome of the battle and how it affected the larger war effort.


For the biography include the following:

  1. Create a simple timeline of the person's life.
  2. Explain how and why they became involved in the Civil War.
  3. Can you find an obituary from a primary source?
  4. Explain what they contributed to the war effort.
  5. Include a picture of the person you chose.
    NOTE >> For this assignment, it will probably work best if you choose someone fairly well known. Abraham Lincoln is off limits for this assignment.




Printed files

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Media files

Click here to view the Civil War fact sheet.

Click here to view a map of America at the time of the Civil War.

Click here to access key information about Civil War battles.

Click here to access a good variety of biographies about people involved in the Civil War.

Online files