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The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

The Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.









Beware the Superlative Demon!

Oldest, best, most, first, worst
– you get the idea.

We live in a society obsessed with extremes. Not only can this focus thwart deeper learning, it can cause us to misunderstand and ignore some very, very important facts and truths.





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    Number, Name   Links   Deadline
The Course Assessment   Quiz Star   Nov. 29
One, The Peopling of the Americas   Click here.   Dec. 2
Two, British Colonies Take Hold   Click here.   12/14
Pearl Harbor   Click here.   12/08
Three, Colonial Life   Click here.   01/04
One Third Book Report   Click here.   01/04
Four, The Colonies Begin to Change   Click here.   01/11
Five, The Road to Revolution   Click here.   01/13
Six, American Revolution Study Guide, pt. 1   Click here.   01/19
Trimester Project   Click here.   02/24-3/01
Seven, Pre-War and Rev. War America   Click here.   1/28
Eight, Building a New Nation   Click here.   2/03
2/3 Book Report   Click here.   1/31
A More Perfect Union Study Guide   Click here.   2/09
Nine, Ratifying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights   Click here.   2/11
Ten, The Constitution Packet   Click here.   2/28
The Trimester Project Paper   Click here.   3/01





Journal Items

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  • We read and summarize a reading selection for your journal every day.
  • You will submit your journal entries from each week Friday. Please, submit only the items for that week each Friday.
  • You will keep your journal entries on 8 1/2" x 11" three hole punch paper.
  • When your journal entries are returned, keep them in your class binder.

The links to the journal entries we use for each day are found in the right hand column of this table. There are also extra copies of the articles from each day in the blue out box.

If you want to see an example of how your journals should be formatted, click here.

To view the PowerPoint about plagiarism and journal entries we used at the beginning of class, click here.

Weekly Vocabulary

For the week ending 12/3

  • clemency
  • hoard

For the week ending 12/10

  • Anthropomorphic
  • Nuance

For the week ending 1/21

  • Iconic




Link to the Daily Article

For the week ending 12/3

11/30  Selections from the Inter Catera, 1493
12/01  Asteroid DART Project
12/02  Bronze Age Hoard
12/03  Aztec Cremation Ashes

For the week ending 12/10

12/06  Minors Charged as Adults
12/07  Day of Infamy Speech by F.D.R.
12/08  Pearl Harbor Rescue
12/09  Selections from the Generall Historie of VA.
12/10  Crucifixion Victim in Britain

For the week ending 12/17

12/13  Weekend Tornadoes
12/14  Death of George Washington
12/15  Fundamental Orders of CT.
12/16  Parker Probe 'Touches' Sun
12/17  Charlotte Colvin Record Expunged

For the week ending 12/21

12/20  Faroe Island Settlement

For the week ending 01/07

1/04  Colorado Wildfires
1/05  Selections by Jonathan Edwards

For the week ending 01/14

1/10  Witness to  Deaths of Lincoln and Garfield
1/11  Ichthyosaur Fossil Found in England
1/12  Mammoth Tusk Found in Deep Ocean
1/13  Transplanted Heart from Pig

For the week ending 01/21

1/18  Tonga Tsunami
1/19  5G Rollout and Conflicts
1/20  Zara Rutherford
1/21  New McPlant Burger

For the week ending 01/28
1/24  James Webb Telescope
1/25  Scyhtian Burial Uncovered in Siberia
1/26  Excerpts from Common Sense
1/27  4500 Year Old Tomb Collapse

1/28  Roman Bowl

For the week ending 02/04
1/31  Home Generator Sales
2/01  Three Sisters Volcano

2/02  Groundhog Day
2/03  International Space Station
2/04  Ottawa Truck Strike

For the week ending 02/11
2/07  Unruly Passengers
2/08  Federalist No. 2
2/09  Chemical Fingerprint, Hopewell Decline
2/10  Airborne WWII Bomb Capture
2/11  Wolf Ruling

For the week ending 2/18
2/14  The Dark History of Valentine's Day
2/15  Revolutionary Era Cannon Found
2/16  Kid Safe App Legislation
2/17  Russian Troops Near Ukraine Border

For the week ending 2/25
2/22  Largest Known Pterosaur Fossil
2/23  Truck Convoy Heads to D.C.
2/24  Russia Attacks Ukraine
2/25  Roman Mosaic in London

For the week ending 3/02
2/28  Russian Invasion
3/01  Boat in found Norway
3/01  U.N. Vote to Sanction Invasion of Ukraine