World History 9B, Assignment Eight, The Modern World Begins


Assignment Seven
The Modern World Evolves
Packet, Deadline Feb. 11, 125 points

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What were some of the ways the social and political changes from 1850 to 1900 began to shape our modern world?


Between 1850 and 1900 many of the forces shaping our modern world began to come into power. There was science, civility, war, literature, poetry, empire building and plenty of money for those in power.

In many ways the seeds of WWI were being sown.


Students will identify and explain the causes and effects of four developing trends that shaped the 1850 - 1900 period.

Essential questions

  1. How did Zionism and Anti-Semitism shape Europe -especially France and Germany?
  2. What did the flourishing of the arts say about how the Victorian age view the changing role of the individual?
  3. Explain the Dreyfus affair.
  4. How did America's westward expansion share aspects of European empire building? How did it differ?
  5. What factors led to the decline of the Ottoman Empire? How were the Europeans, especialy Russia, involved?
  6. How did British control of India develop? Why did they maintain it? How did it fade?
  7. How did European nations benefit from imperialism? How did it damage them?
  8. How did compassionate progressives like Jane Addams, strive to help immigrants?
  9. Explain the growing calls for women's suffrage. Give specific examples. How did they work? What obstacles did they face?

Special instructions

You will create a short, but informative essay in response to five of the above questions. Your essays should be about 2 paragraphs in length. Be sure to provide concise clear answers to each question. You will submit your essays in printed format.





To follow
Is each answer complete? Is the language use correct and easy to follow?
25 points possible per answer

Are the answers essentially correct, but key points are missing? Is the language use correct and easy to follow?
20 points possible per answer

Do the answers use generic statements without clear conclusions and are the points vague and difficult to understand? Is the language use obscure and does it contain frequent errors?
15 points possible per answer

Are the answers random and vague? Does the language use containg frequent errors? Are the answers pointless statement that could be applied under any set of circumstances?
10 points or less per answer






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Women's Suffrage
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Immigrant help
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Ottoman Empire
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Dreyfus Affair, Anti - Semitism
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