World History 9B, Assignment Ten, Impacts on WWI


Assignment Ten
Impacts on WWI
Deadline March 1, 80 points

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Who and what shaped WWI?

WWI trenches


WWI shaped the world in ways that affect our world today.


Students will identify and explain the impacts of one leader in WWI and one event.

Essential questions

How did your person shape the outcome of the war?
Secondary question > What actions did they take that make worthy of study today?

How did your event shape the outcome of the war?
Secondary questions > What led up to your event? What came afterward?

Special instructions

You will create two essays of about three to four paragraphys each regarding your person and your topic.

Print this assignment.




Did the essasy answer the essential questions in a clear, concise manner?
Possible, 60 points
Deductions for wandering off topic, poor use of language, poor organization.

Was the language use correct?
Possible, 20 points

Did the essays demonstrate a thorough understanding of their topic?
Possible, 20 points



Printed files

There is no printed file for this assignment. Refer to the instructions.

Media files

Coming soon.

Online files


Sound files



Ideas for people

Kaiser Willhelm

King Edward

King George V

Tsar Nicholas II


Franz Joseph

Woodrow Wilson


Ideas for events

The Battle of the Marne

The Argon Forest

The Russian Revolution

The Sinking of the Luisitania

The Zimmerman Note