History 8-1, Trimester Paper




Your Trimester Paper

Deadline, Mar. 2, 120 points

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This assignment involves a paper about your person or event.



This is the paper to accompany your class lesson about your event or person.


Students will identify and describe just what makes their event or person important in American history.

Special instructions

Your paper needs to answer the questions listed below. Please know that not all events or people will fit all the questions identically.

  • If you chose an event - what is the historic background of your event?
  • If you chose a person - give a brief biography.
  • Why did you choose this person or event?
  • How has this event affected the history of America?


Your paper should be about 400-500 words, and include at least two properly cited sources.

  1. It will be scored for completion - Just how well did you answer the above questions?
    - 80 points
  2. Spelling, grammar, language use - 20 points
  3. Use of correct formatting - 10 points
  4. Correct use of sources - 10 points


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