History 8-1, Assignment Three, Life in the British American Colonies R


Assignment Three
The Europeans Begin to Build Colonies in North America

Deadline, 9/13, 160 points

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How were the colonists in the Americas developing changing world views?

How do their view compare and contrast with modern views?

Colonial life



During the colonization period, Americans began to develop views of their lives and their place in the world. They expressed their views in a variety of ways. For this lesson we are going to look at some of what they told us about their world and compare it with our own.


Students will identify and explain four key events that contributed to the growing separation from England during this time period.

Essential questions

How were the colonists in America developing changing world views?

What influenced their views?

Special instructions

Please note >> You only need to complete four of the essay questions questions on the assignment.



Are the answers to the questions contextual, correctly worded, and accurately written?
27 points

Are the answers to the questions non - contextual, correctly worded, and still accurately written?
22 Points

Are the answers to the questions non- contextual, poorly worded, and inaccurately written?
16 Points or less

NOTE >> Pay attention to grammar and spelling.


The questions from the assignment are listed below. You may copy and past them into a Google doc if you wish.



PART ONE - Vocabulary

Write a complete, contextual definition of the following words. Each definition should not require more than a sentence or two. You need to set the definition in the context of Europeans coming to the Americas.

Indentured Servant



PART TWO - Short Essays - You choose four.

Select four of the following questions and create a short essay of two or three paragraphs in response to the questions you select. Staple your responses to this assignment sheet when you submit this assignment. 

Take care that you follow correct rules for the use of English.
Be sure to answer the question(s) you select.


  1. Describe England’s goals against Spain in the late 1500s. How did building colonies in America help support those goals?
  2. Explain the Lost Colony of Roanoke. What happened to their re-supply mission? What theories exist about their disappearance?
  3. Why did Jamestown struggle to survive? What factors led to its early decline and eventual success?
  4. Describe the two important events of 1619 for Jamestown. What made them so significant? Why?
  5. How did the Separatists respond to the teachings of John Calvin? How did that response affect their eventual journey to America?
  6. Describe the journey of the Separatists from England to America. Why factors influenced their choices?
  7. Squanto is a fascinating character in American history. How did his prior experiences in Europe affect the lives of the Separatists?
  8. Explain the competition between France and England to colonize and claim lands in North America. What led to the conflicts? What were the results?
  9. How did life for colonists vary between the northern, middle, and southern colonies? Be specific and use examples.
  10. What were the conditions in Plymouth as described by William Bradford? What challenges did the people there meet? How did they handle those challenges.
  11. Explain the importance of the Mayflower Compact. It is a short, simple document yet it holds a large place in American history. Why?
  12. How did the conflict between Spain and England lead to weakening Spain’s claims in the Western Hemisphere?




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