History 8-2, A New Nation in a World of Conflict




Assignment Two
A New Nation in a World of Conflict

Deadline, March 18, 80 Points

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How did America continue in the turbulent world that followed Washington's second term?

Image of John Adams



George Washington established much of what became our nation's government. When he left office at the close of his second term, the national government was starting to function like a modern nation. At the same time, the world, especially Europe was sinking into turmoil that threatened to engulf America. For this assignment we will teach one another about how America survived those times.


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Essential questions

What effects did the Midnight Judges have on Marbury v. Madison?
In what ways did the XYZ Affair affect American foreign policy?
What were the effects of the Alien and Sedition Acts?
How did the Midnight Judges affect the way America ran elections and / or Congress?
How did John Adams affect the relationship between the U.S., Britain, and France?
How did Abigail Adams affect America’s relationship with foreign nations?
What effects did the Alien and Sedition Acts have on immigrants?
How did Thomas Jefferson shape the landscape of America?
How did the Alien and Sedition Acts affect immigrants in the United States?
How did the Midnight Judges affect the nation?
How did the XYZ Affair affect U.S. relations with France?
What important events took place as a result of the XYZ Affair?
What were the impacts of the Quasi - War with France?
What were some of the causes of the Quasi-War with France?




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