World History 9B, Assignment Seven, The Congress of Vienna and the Age of Revolutions

Asignment Seven

The Congress of Vienna and the Age of Revolutions

Deadline, 2/11, 120 points


How did Europe and the Atlantic world change after the fall of Napoleon?

What happened around the Atlantic after the great ideals of the Congress of Vienna?

von Metternich

von Metternich


The Congress of Vienna convened as Napoleon was falling from power. The big question was how to create stability in Europe after so much had been shattered by the Napoleonic Wars. Attendees to the Congress believed the real key to stability was to strengthen the monarchies and restrict the power of France.

Just what happened in the wake of the Congress was something no one imagined.


Students will identify and explain the implications of their chosen questions.

Special instructions

Select two of the following questions. One must be from questions 1 - 4, and one must be from questions 5 - 7. Write a two or three paragraph essay in response to each of the questions you choose. Make your answers clear, concise, and contextual. Use specific examples.

  1. Compare the maps on p. 595. Explain the differences between national boundaries between 1810 and 1817? What caused them? What were some of the outcomes?
  2. What was Metternich’s priority? Why did he distrust democracies? What was the result of the consevative power at the Congress of Vienna?
  3. How did Napoleon’s actions in the Peninsular Campaign help lead to the revoultions in Latin America?
  4. Look at the comparative views of the French Revolution in retrospect on p. 597. Compare the perspectives. What are they saying about the motivaitons and impacts of the French Revolution?
  5. Who were the Liberatadores? What empowered them and why were they successful?
  6. In what ways did the successes of the Latin Revolutions affect the following European revolutions?
  7. How does revolution contribute to nationalism? Use specific examples from the time period we are discussing in class.





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