Practical Digital Skills for Teachers

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This is the web site for Practical Digital Skills for Teachers
offered by Rick Robbins through Madison School District.

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I have two target objectives for this site. Here they are.

  1. I want to provide access to digital backups for the material we use in class.

  2. I want it to be a place to host links to useful indexes and discreet skill set practices. Some of those will be generally available on the web and some will be those I have designed specifically for this class.

Here are my theoretical approaches to this class.

  1. I believe we become better teachers when we spend more time teaching and less time managing. Connected to that is my belief that a few well supported, and simple skill digital skill sets can help facilitate that paradigm.

  2. Digital teaching skills are not a teaching panacea and they cannot compensate for poorly planned teaching experiences.

  3. Modern educators and policy makers often operate under mistaken assumptions about the uses of multimedia in learning. If educators avoid these traps, teaching improves. To access a seminal article related to this issue, click here.

  4. By improving what we use as we teach, learning improves.

  5. Our teaching should always benefit the students, the schools in which we teach, and the communities that employ us. Materials we design and use should support these goals.

  6. Abundant and sound research about what works well is available and the body of knowledge is growing. Conversely, bad work, often done in the name of research also abounds. Often this so-called research is conducted to promote a product or service and derives faulty conclusions based on very poor approaches and limited scopes of study. As educators we need to include materials and skills based on the former while avoiding the latter.


Index to Lessons

This index is not necessarily meant to be sequential either within the class or conceptually. Simply put, there is no reason you will need to learn the concepts in the first lesson to understand those in the second.

    Number, Name
    1, Starting class
Here is a link to the page.
    2, The templates and handouts
Here is a link to the page.
    3, Good design practices
Here is a link to the page.
    4, Another approach to PowerPoint
Here is a link to the page.
    5, Skills review
Here is a link to the page.
    6, Some very handy - and simple - skills that will save you time
Here is a link to the page.

The PowerPoint and PDF Files

Here are the links to the PowerPoints I used in class and the PDF file about how to link Excel graphs and other MS Office programs.

Class introduction

Presentation One

Presentation Two

How to link Excel graphics

Some web use guidelines