World History 9A, Assignment Three, Jerusalem and its Worldwide Influence

Assignment Three
Jerusalem, its influence, and the Assyrian Siege

Due 9/09 or TBA, 80 points

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Why do so many nations and religions concern themselves with Jerusalem?

How has this concern shaped the history of the western world?

What can we learn about world views from the Assyrian Siege of about 701 B.C.E.?

Sennacharib's Palace Panel




Jerusalem has been at the center of world interest, and conflict, for thousands of years. It is revered by Jews, Christians, and Muslims around the world. Control of Jerusalem has been the source of much conflict and it continues to be so.

For this assignment we are going to explore three elements of Jerusalem's past.


Students will identify key elements of the past of Jersualem.

Students will evaluate two separate accounts of the Sennacharib's siege of Jerusalem in 701 B.C.E. for historical points of view and reflect on their own observations

Essential questions

How did Jerusalem develop into a central point of conflict between the world's three largest religious groups?

How do the accounts of Sennacharib's siege teach us the importance of perspective when we study history?

Special instructions

In your group you will discuss and complete the assignment evaluation materials. You may access those materials at the link on the top of the right side of this page.

You will probably complete this assignment during class.




Rubric Item Points poss.

Does the assignment asnwer all the key questions?


Is the group's reasoning easy to follow and understand?





Printed files

Click here to view the printed materials for this assignment about the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem.

Click here to view the notes about Jerusalem that accompanied the video. This is the video link about the documentary history of Jerusalem on

Media files

Click here to access the Power Point file we used about Jerusalem at the beginning of this unit.

Here is the Youtube file about archeological Jerusalem we used in class.

Click here to view the PowerPoint file about Sennacharib's siege of Jerusalem.

Seibenberg House

This is the link to the video 'Within These Walls' we viewed in class.

This is the video link to the short Rick Steves video about Jerusalem's Four Quarters.


Online files
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Jerusalem, City of God

The Walls and Gates of Jerusalem

Rediscovering Jerusalem

Here is a link to an excellent article by National Geographic about the excavation of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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