History 8-2, Assignment Seven, Antebellum Slavery




Assignment Seven
Antebellum Slavery

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What were the effects of slavey on
America during the years immediately
prior to the Civil War?

Image of a slave auction



Slavery tore America part. Not only were the families of enslaved people cruelly crushed by slavery, but America as a whole was splitting over the issue. On both sides were political and economic arguments and very intense feelings.


Students will identify and describe the prevalent arguments for and against slavery.

Essential questions

Who were the most vocal supporters of your position?
Who were the most vocal opponents of your position?
On what were their arguments based? Did they have success convincing others of their opinions?
How did their position lead to or possibly slow the national split over slavery?

Special instructions

You will prepare a news panel discussion about the position assigned to your group. Your discussion needs to address the essential questions above.

Group 1 What were the political reasons for slavery?
Group 2 What were the economic reasons for slavery?
Group 3 What were the political and economic reasons against slavery?




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General issues about slavery.

1, 2, 3


This is a very good series of short discussions about various aspects of slavery.

Here is a good summary of proslavery arguments prior to the Civil War.