History 8-1, Assignment Four, The British American Colonies Grow and Change




Assignment Three
Colonial Life

Deadline, TBA, 80 points

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What were the conditions under which people lived in the colonies?

How did those conditions differ from those of their native nations?

Why would people undertake the hardships required to come to America?

Colonial life



During the colonization period, Americans began to develop views of their lives and their place in the world. They expressed their views in a variety of ways. For this lesson we are going to look at some of what they told us about their world and compare it with our own.


Students will identify and explain key elements in changing views of colonization that swept through America in the early and mid colonial periods

Essential questions

How were the colonists in America developing changing world views?

What influenced their views?

Special instructions

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Chapter Four of the textbook.

Chapter Five of the textbook.

Click here for a PDF file of the Mittelberger account of the voyage to America. This file includes outline notes in the left margins of the pages.

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Look here for a great description of yeomen.

Plymouth Colony videos