History 8-1, Trimester Project



The Trimester Project
120 points, due Feb. 24 - Mar. 1. Sign ups will be in class.

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How did your selected person, topic, or event shape America?




Thomas Jefferson

NOTE >> You need to select your topic very soon!


Student Project
Your project will the final, and best, piece of your work in History 8-1. It will be something you create - pretty much entirely. This sheet is designed to give you some general guidelines and requirements, but the creative part, the best part of your project is entirely up to you.

What will your project cover?
You project will cover an event, concept, or person that contributed to the foundation of America from 1600 to 1780.
There are some exclusions. Pretty much any of the more famous of the Founding Fathers are excluded. That’s not because I don’t admire and respect them - on the contrary, I do very much. It’s simply because they have been done so many times in so many different ways.
However, one person or topic may only be used once in each class period. You need to sign up for your person or topic very soon.

What should your project include?
Your project will include an explanatory element - it will be a mini-lesson for the class, and a written explanation of the background of your person or topic, the details about your person or topic, and why your topic or person was significant in the founding of the United States.

What final form will your lesson take?
Well, that’s up to you. Someone may be build a web page, while someone else will create a video, and someone else may bring a guest speaker, or create a model. Again, that’s very much up to you.

How will your project be scored?
The lesson you give to the class will be evaluated by your fellow class members and the teacher. You will receive a copy of the evaluation cards in a few days.

Is working with a partner allowed?
You may work with one partner.

This should be a deep dive.
You are going to become our class expert on your person or topic. This means you will know them, or it, very well. A light, little superficial bounce along the surface will not receive high evaluations.

Make it shine. Don’t wait.
There is no way you can throw together a quick little something just before this is due. It simply won’t work. This is also where you need to give us your best work.





Topics by class period
NOTE >> The same topic or person may only be used once each class period.


4th Hour

  • Battle of Yorktown, Neil, Christian
  • Fashion, Emma, Katherine
  • George Mason, Jace, Alex
  • Boston Tea Party, Kate, Makayla
  • Boston Massacre, Katie, Allie
  • Geurilla Warfare During the Revolutionary War, Douglas, Brancyn
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill, Cairo, Noah
  • Women's Manufacturing, Sophie
  • The Zenger Case, Ruth, Britta
  • Military Tech in the Revolution, Colton
  • Mayflower Voyage, Cache, Teagan
  • William Brewster, Sydney
  • Battle of Trenton, Lucas
  • The Roles of Women in the Rev. War, Ruth Sadie
  • Daughters of Liberty, Melody, Shaylee

5th Hour

  • Boston Tea Party, Naomi and Lexi P.
  • Boston Massacre, Derek, Kayson
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord, James
  • Phyllis Wheatley, Paige
  • Slaves, Casey, Noah
  • Henry Knox, Sullivan
  • Andrew Woodhall, Crissy, Emma
  • The Battle of Cowpens, Ava, Maya
  • The French and Indian War, Greyson, Addie
  • The Battle of Yorktown, Taylee, Lexie, Chara
  • Valley Forge, Josh
  • Benedict Arnold, Bridger, Cade

Project Presentation Schedule

4th Hour







Linus. Aiden


Neil, Christian



Ruth, Sadie


Jace, Alex

Halle, Sidney


Douglas, Brancyn

Katherine, Emma

Cache, Teagan

Cairo, Noah



Melody, Shaylee

Allie, Katie

Makayla, Kate N.


5th Hour








Charah, Lexie, Taylee

Naomi, Lexie

Crissy, Emma



Ava, Maya

Brielle, Maya

Greyson, Addison



Derek, Kayzin

Cade, Bridger

Cole, Clay





Casey, Noah



Special instructions

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Printed files

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Media files

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