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Along with the class I want to provide some complete templates you can use by downloading and overstriking the text already in them.

Essential Questions

Will providing pre-formatted templates improve or decrease retention of core skills?

Will providing templates allow class members to focus on self-selected areas for improvement?

Work Flow for this exercise

Click on the name of the described files under Support Files in the right column. The document will open in MS Word.



A multiple choice assessment in portrait format.

A matching assessment in landscape format.

A notes page designed for three hole punch.

A big sign in landscape format.

This is a link to a very handy newsletter template from Microsoft. It is loaded with all sorts of handy instructions for placing pictures and text. You can also just use it as a beginning template for your own work.


The first chapter of the textbook Digital Design for Teachers.

A quick handout of basic MS Word commands.

Here is a sample web use PowerPoint presentation.