History 8-1, Assignment Two, Colonial Life and Government



Assignment Four
Colonial Life and Government

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Jamestown layout



What was the background of each colony?

What was life like for the people who lived there?

How did they keep themselves alive?

What forms of government did they choose?

Colonial life



Life was not the same in all the colonies. Conditions and circumstances varied widely from north to south. In this assignment we will prepare a presentation about life in each of the thirteen colonies.


Students will identify and describe the patterns of settlement and lifestyles among the colonists.

Special instructions


Here are the questions you will answer.

  1. What type of charter did your colony have? What did that type of charter imply?
  2. What was the original reason you colony was established?
  3. What are the basic facts about it? Size, population as of 1750, climate, type of government, how people made their livings, unusual challenges faced by the people there.
  4. Find a personal account or two of someone living in the colony and share it with us.
  5. Include a map of the lands claimed by your colony.
  6. Build your presentation in such a manner that you can share it with the class. Email the link to me and I will post it to the web site.
  7. See the attached rubric for details about your presentation.




The scoring rubric is shown on the printed assignment.

Colonies, Fourth Hour

Presentation Days

Delaware: Sierra

Pennsylvania: Joseph, Jace

Massachusetts: Paige, Jacob, Josh

New Jersey: Ashlynn, Jade, Mackenzie

Georgia: Lleida, Eliza

Connecticut: Abby; Cambry, Whitney

Maryland: Cameron T.

So. Carolina: Jordan, Ian, Kelly, Eamon

No. Carolina: Isabeau, Miranda

New Hampshire: Bethany, Emma

Virginia: Peyton, Kalli

New York: Ellie, Millie

Rhode Island: Carson

Friday, 12/21



Wednesday, 1/2



Colonies, Fifth Hour Presentation Days



Massachusetts: Jane, Gracie, Chloe

New Jersey: Cameron, Justin

Georgia: Emma, Eve, Lillie


Maryland: Aige, Chris

So. Carolina

No. Carolina: Malchi, Reggie, Merak

New Hampshire

Virginia: Petey, Ashton, Houston

New York: Maritza, Itzani; Isaac

Rhode Island: Denitra, Tylee, Marlie

Friday, 12/21



Wednesday, 1/2





Printed files

Here is a link to the rubric for this assignment.

Media files

Here is a link to the Power Point file about governing the colonies we used at the start of this unit.

Online files

Here is a link to the online textbook.

Here is a link to a brief directory about the 13 colonies.

Here is a link to a great directory from the Library of Congress about the 13 original colonies.

Here is a link to an overview about the colonies. It is a little bit generic, but it has some good resources.

Colony data.

Try a Lili search! It's good practice for the next few years! Use the Explora button.

Here is an excellent link to a very large directory about the colonies.


Journal collections

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

OK, this is a huge link. You will need to find the background of the writer, or you could just wander through it, but this is a big, big collection of early colonial writings.

Life in Georgia

Here is a good link for information about diaries from the colonial period in New England.

Map of colonial claims

Here is a link to an excellent history of Maryland.

Here is a large collection of articles and journals about colonial life. You will need to dig a little, but there is quite a bit here.

Sound files