Social Studies 7B. Assignment Four, The Sub Continent

Packet Four
The Sub Continent
160 Points, Deadline 1/17

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The Sub Continent of Asia is separated from Asia by the highest mountain ranges in the world.

These mountains not only separate the continent and sub-continent of Asia, the also divide cultures, agriculture, rainfall, shipping, and more.

In this unit we are going to explore the histories and differences and similarities of nations in the sub continent of Asia.

What is the history of the conflict between Pakistan and India?

How does Kashmir affect the relations between the two countries?






This assignment will include several parts, and I will list them as we go along.

  1. Complete the notes about the Power Point




Students will identify and explain the significance of the geography and politics of India as they relate to India's place in the world today.

Essential questions

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Online files

To access the CIA World Factbook pages about India, click here.

To view the video about the two faces of Delhi we used for this unit, click here.

To view the video about Fort Amber and the Monkey Temple, click here.