Social Studies 7B, Packet One, The Pacific Rim Nations of East Asia

Packet One
The Pacific Rim Nations of Eastern Asia

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How do the five themes of geography in the Pacific Rim nations of eastern Asia?

How does the history and current growth of Japan affect the region?

In what ways are natural resources used and moved through the region?

How does the model of growth incoporated in Japan after WWII continue to shape the economies of the region's nations?






This assignment will include several parts, and I will list them as we go along.

  1. Your news article about Japan, with your attached notes about how your article connects with the Five Themes of Geography. You will not need attach your notes about the brief history of Japan, but you should have them in your notebook.
  2. Your data comparisons. You must include Japan and at least four other nations. You need to have one nation from Asia, one from Europe, one from North America, and one from Africa. These will be in the form of graphs that you create. You data will include GDP Per Capita, Birth rate, Employment to Population Ratio, and one other of your choice. Again, these will be graphs that you create and print.



Students will identify and explain the significance of the Pacific Rim nations of eastern Asia in the region, and world.

Essential questions

  1. How do the five themes of geography apply in the nations of the Pacific Rim in eastern Asia?
  2. How do the lifestyles in those nations compare to other nations?
  3. How does geology affect the nations in the Pacific rims of eastern Asia?






Printed files

Click here to open the Japan fact sheet we used in class.

Click here to view the PowerPoint file about a very brief introduction to Japan that we used in class.

Click here for the notes sheet attached to the above presentation.

Online files

Click here to access the World Population Review website.

Click here to access an online textbook chapter about Japan and the Korean nations.

Click below for the nation information data we will use to make our graphs.




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