Wold History 9B, Assignment Eight, The Wars of the Coalitions and Napoleonic Era


Assignment Eight
Atlantic Revolutions to the Revolutions of 1848
Deadline TBA, 80 points

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How did the changes in Europe affect the world - and vice versa -  from about 1800 to 1848?

Painting of the Battle of Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo


Napoleon Bonaparte


The growth of the French military and its expansionist interests caused the other nations of Europe to go to war against France time after time during the era known as the Wars of the Coalitions. Though he was not involved in the first war of the coalitions, Napoleon became the military leader that tormented Europe throughout his reign.


Students will identify and explain  Napoleon's rise and fall.

As part of this assignment students will be able to identify and explain the changes brought about in Europe as a result of the Wars of the Coalitions and Napoleon's expansionist efforts.

Essential questions

  • What changes in France's power structure contributed to Napoleon's rise to power?
  • How did Napoleon shift France from the ideals of the Republic?
  • In what ways did the response of the other European nations to Napoleon's empirical ambitions change the shape of Europe?

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