History 8-2, Changes Across America, 1825-1845




Assignment Six
Changes Across America, 1825-1845

Deadline, 5/3, 115 points

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In what ways did America go through dramatic changes in the two decades from 1825 - 1845?

The New Bonnet



In 20 years America expanded in thought and geography. The changes from 1825 swept across all aspects of American life.


Students will identify and describe the effects of one of the key changes that took place across America from 1825 - 1845.

Essential questions

How did your event develop? Specifically, what events led up to it?

What were the long-term impacts of your event?

Who was involved? When did it occur? What were the key issues involved? Why is it important? Where did it occur?

Special instructions

You will create a simple presentation about one of the following events:

Industrial North
Emma, Brynlee; Kim. Ki

Westward Expansion
Abi, kandis

Religious Revivalism
Josh, Ozzy; Mason, Nathan

American - centered Culture
Deven, Drew; Briana, Elexa, Jaralyn

Your presentation should include about 10 -12 slides that deal with the basic themes of who, what, when, where, and why was this important then and now. Please make sure your content is well written, clear, and concise.

You should include at least two graphic or audio supports. Maps are good. If you do music, include a selectoin for us.



Was the time used well? Did the students focus on getting the project done without distracting others?
20 points possible

Were the topic and messages of the the selected materials clear and easily understood?
20 points possible

Did the details (including labels) support the main idea without distracting with clutter?
10 points possible

Did the presentation include at least 5 accurate facts/concepts?
15 points possible

Were the graphic and information used appropriately?
15 points possible

Did the color, shape, size, and arrangement of graphics
contribute meaning to the overall message?
10 points possible

is the design/layout is neat, clear, and visually appealing.
Capitalization and punctuation correct throughout the presentation. Is it composed with no grammatical errors?
15 points possible.

Did the presenters know their material? Were they able to share the content well? Did they avoid staring at the board and reading to us?
10 points possible




Printed files

There is no printed copy of this assignment. Please refer to the instructions on this page.

Media files

To come

Online files

Information about the Second Great Awakening.
1, 2, 3

The Industrial North
1, 2, 3

1, 2, 3

American Culture
1, 2, 3, 4

American Music
1, 2, 3  Sheet Music Samples

American Westward Migration
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Sound files