History 9A, Assignment Six, The Rise of Christianity and the Fall of Rome

Assignment Six
The Rise of Christianity and the Fall of Rome

These are parts two and three of your Roman packet. It will be graded when it is completed.

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Class drawing

The Roman god, Cyclus, as depicted in the ancient city.








What role did Julius Caesar play in changing Rome from a Republic to and Empire?

What about Cleopatra?

How did the Roman Empire differ from the Roman Republic?

The Colosseum in Rome



There is no way we can cover all of Roman history. Yet, the influence of Rome on our modern world is too great to ignore. For our study of Rome we are going to focus on a few key events in its history. The life and times of Julius Caesar is the first event. In many ways his rule is the fulcrum on which Rome spun from a Republic to an Empire?


During this lesson students will evaluate the key factors of Julius Caeasar's life that changed the Roman world.

Students will also explore the effect Cleopatra had on the Roman world and Egypt.

Students will begin to create an explanation of what turned Rome from its Republican past to its future as an empire.

Essential questions

Group One
How did Julius Caesar come to be emperor?
How did Julius Caesar change the Roman world?
What caused his downfall? How did his legacy affect those who followed him?

Assertions to prove or disprove >>

  • Julius Caesar was an illegal ruler who destroyed the Roman Republic.
  • Julius Caesar acted to save the Republic.
  • Julius Caesar spent the valuable parts of his life obsessed with a manipulative Macedonian / Egyptian woman of extremely low moral character.

Presentations / Discussions


Group Two
How did Cleopatra contribute to the changes in Rome?
How did her actions illustrate her need to save Egypt?
Why did she form an alliance with Marc Anthony after the death of Julius Caesar?
Why did she take her life?

Quick Note >> The names here can become confusing. Remember, Cleopatra's father, Auletes, was a direct descendant of Alexander the Great's general Ptolemy I of Macedonia. Auletes died in March 51 BC. His will made 18-year-old Cleopatra and her 10-year-old brother, Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator, joint monarchs.

Assertions to prove or disprove >>

  • Cleopatra was woman of low moral character who would do anything to achieve her personal goals.
  • She should have worked with her brother to save Egypt instead of taking up with Caesar.
  • She was self obsessed and wanted to destroy Rome's hold on Egypt via Caesar.
  • The whole asp story is baloney.

Presentations / Discussions





Group Three
How did Rome move from a Republic to an Empire?
What influenced the move?
How did the change affect the people of Rome and the enemies of Rome?
Did the move weaken or strengthen Rome?

Assertions to prove or disprove >>

  • The Republic was dying. Julius Caesar created a more egalitarian society.
  • Being made emperor for life was too much and the Senate acted when no one else would; basically, he had it coming.
  • The Empire was more efficient than the Republic; the Republic was too bloated to survive with its class divisions.

Presentations / Discussions




Your immediate task

You are going to be part of a group that will explore one of the essential questions. You are going to be assigned one of the groups of essential questions and prepare a case file about it. Your case file will include persuasive and explanatory pieces relating to your questions. You will save your case file as Google doc we can link to the class web site. 

Special instructions

Where this is headed > We are going to create a case file about three key events in Roman history. 

Next >> The Roman Empire and Christianity

Student Packet just read the first three pages for now.


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Attila and Leo just thought highly of each other >> No invasion

Leo was blessed by God

Attila made a strategic decision not to attack Rome for some unknown reason.

Attila decided to come back later because Rome was weak.

He made a deal with Leo.



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Printed files


Media files

A rather detailed timeline of Rome.

Here is a text-based timeline of the Roman Republic and Empire. It is quite detailed and contains excellent descriptions. It is a Lili source. You will need to log in.

Online files

A very brief biography of Julius Caesar.

A less brief biography of Julius Caesar.

Plutarach's biography of Julius Caesar.

A less brief biography of Cleopatra.

Original documents about Cleopatra.

Sound files